Strategic Plan, Part 3: Strategic Evaluation and Recommendation, business and finance homework help

Hello, I was wondering if you can help me out with this assignment.. It is due this upcoming Monday. It is part 3 of the assignment you helped me with last time on the company Rooms To Go Furniture. As I have mentioned before my new professor is very strict and he wants things to be detailed following through with his instructions for the assignment to a T. I also cannot go over the word count but I must be exactly at the word requirement. I will be also giving you the rubric as well for the assignment. Thank you so much for your help in advance!!!

The company I have chosen is: Rooms To Go Furniture

Here is the Assignment:

Follow the instructions based on decision to complete the Strategic Plan

In this section, you will be evaluating various strategies and making recommendations for the organization.

Write a 1,050-word minimum strategic evaluation in which you include the following:

  • Evaluate potential business level strategies for the organization.
  • Assess potential corporate level strategies for the organization.
  • Assess potential global strategies for the organization.
  • Recommend a strategy or combination of strategies the organization should implement, and include a rationale for that recommendation. What you recommend will be the subject of the implementation plan required next week in the Week 5 Implementation Plan assignment.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.