Write a brief essay on substance abuse following the rubrics below


The paper will start with the introduction of various challenging aspects of a crisis. In brief the theses statement will be discussed here which will be the impact of drug abuse to me having had a sister who is a heroin addict.


The aspect of the type of crisis that is problematic or challenging to the writer will be discussed here. The writers strengths and limitations in regard to the crisis, the writers biases and beliefs about the aspect, writers concerns, fears, issues and problems and how his/her morals affect the aspect will also be discussed. The thoughts, beliefs and behaviors that the writer should alter in regard to this challenging aspect will also be discussed and the skills needed by the writer to increase his efficacy. And finally, the lessons learnt by the writer and how it will impact his work with clients in times of crisis will be made.


A conclusion will be made on the challenging aspects of a crisis and more particularly on drug abuse.