Summarize your peers’ evaluations, writing homework help

Summarize your peers’ evaluations of your own drafts and your plans for revisionand post them in this discussion. Respond to the following prompts in summarizing your peers’ evaluations of your Resume and Letter drafts. 1. What areas of your drafts are strongest? According to your peers (not you), what are the strengths of your drafts? Offer specific details. 2. What needs to be improved? According to your peers (not you), how do you need to improve your drafts before submitting the final versions? 3. Briefly describe your plans for revising and improving your drafts according to your peers’ assessments and recommendations. How will you revise your drafts to meet your peers’ expectations, the assignment’s requirements, and professional standards?

There are peers’ evaluations in the following below. I will attach my resume and letter draft. Write about 300 words.

First Person

I think that your drafts for both your cover letter and resume are off to a good start! As I read over both of your drafts, I noticed a few spelling/grammatical errors. I would recommend re reading both copies before you turn in your final draft. For your resume, I would recommend you go over spacing, there seems to be some extra spacing in between your different sections, which could also help you get your resume fitting on just a single page. I would also recommend that you add a bit more description to each section of your resume, just to give your future employer that much more knowledge about you and your background (in bullet format). You could even add a section regarding the specific course work you’ve taken thus far.

For your letter, the format looks good. I would recommend that you single space the very beginning information regarding where your applying to and the return address. I think you could eliminate the part where you say you don’t know much about the Real Estate business but hope to gain more if you get hired in. You want your future employer to believe you are fit for the position you’re asking for and I believe that sentence isn’t needed. Overall, you have a great start!

Second person

Hello I thought both your resume and cover letter look pretty good so far. First off for your resume I would suggest fixing your spacing throughout the entire document. From double spacing in between bullet points, I would put it to single space so that your resume can fit on one single page. I also noticed a couple of grammar errors in your resume, I would suggest looking back at and fixing. I also noticed you don’t have any previous work experience listed. Was it left out intentionally?

For your cover letter I thought it looked good. I would suggest having single space instead of double spacing for the heading. Another thing I would suggest looking back at is in your first paragraph mentioning the position you want to apply for at the start. Then proceed with mentioning what skills you can bring to their company.

Overall great job!