Summary and Strong Response Essay Assignment (for Rhetorical Analysis and Critique)

This essay contains two parts: the summary and the strong response. Select the essay on which to base your work.

Your essay must come from the Readings section of Chapter 14 (297-311) allyn and bacon guide to writing 8th edition.

Write your summary in MLA format with a Work Cited page. You are limited to 250 words.

Analyze the rhetorical appeals of the text. How does the text use ethos, pathos, and logos? For the context of this essay, prove that you know how these appeals function. Let your analysis expand into response. Show where you agree or disagree. Your response should not just be your opinion. Anchor your response within the context of rhetorical appeals. Show where the article works or does not work according to the successes or failures of the rhetorical appeals. Your opinions should be couched within this same framework. For example, if you have trouble trusting what an author claims, this is likely because the author has not done enough to establish their credibility. This is a problem with ethos.

Combine the Summary and Strong Response into a single essay.

Make sure that your essay is in MLA format and has a correct Work Cited page. You should only be using one source (the text you are analyzing). The majority of the work in the essay will come from your own work on analysis and response.

You essay will likely be about 5 pages. I am not putting a limit or a maximum on the number of pages that you must produce. However, if I were you 3 pages would seem to brief.