Taking the role of Head of HRD in Travis Perkins (Case Study)

Taking the role of Head of HRD in Travis Perkins, draft an outline report which addresses the following:

1. The key training and development strategies used in Travis Perkins. What are these strategies and what strategy will you recommend for Travis Perkins to adopt in future.

2. The key training strategy for High Performing Manager (4i) and its

relevance. What are your recommendations for Low performing Managers? And why?

3.“Travis Perkins’ business strategy is built around growth. Having merged horizontally in 1988 the company now has a 16% market share of building materials distribution. It intends to increase this to 20% through further acquisitions”. Discuss the most appropriate approach to HRD that will ensure the achievement of this objective.

4. Your recommendations should be practicable, achievable and supported with empirical studies.


-0% plagiarism.

Use Harvard style Referencing no less than 15 referencese.

– 2500 Word limit.