Target’s 2013 Customer Data Breach

Problem/Project Identification

All teams will select a system that failed due to IT systems integration issues arising out of one or more of the IT/IS strategy topics covered in the class . The project could be either your own work related or something that is available in the public domain. Some recommended projects are: FBI Virtual Case Files, Website, Denver Airport Baggage Handling System, US Air force/DoD ERP Project.

Your team needs to analyze the problem by identifying the major causes of integration problems/failures. These can be related to any number of the following topics covered in the class: The Information Systems Strategy, Strategic Use of Information Resources, Information Systems Design of Work, Information Systems and Managing Business Processes, Architecture and IT Infrastructure, Governance of the Information Systems Organization, Information Systems Sourcing Decisions, Managing of IT Projects, Managing and Using Information Ethically etc. Each team will select 3-4 of these topics to analyze the system failure.

The teams will identify some credible sources of information, appropriately cite these sources, analyze the information by applying the topics covered as listed above in order to identify and analyze the issues responsible for the failure; recommend how the problem could have been avoided or improved upon; and lessons learned.

Topic: Target’s 2013 Customer Data Breach

My question is: What was the problem – Analysis involving problem break down and detailing?

Needs to be 3 pages and powerpoint slides based on paper.