Task 5 -Performance Evaluation and Management

Performance Evaluation and Management

Course Outcomes explored in this module:

                          • Differentiate between the terms performance management and performance evaluation.
                          • Analyze various types of rating errors that can occur in performance evaluation programs.
                          • Compare the advantages of various performance evaluation techniques.
                          • Examine the 360-degree feedback system’s potential strength and problems.
                          • Describe the process of feedback review and the skills required for it.

In order to accomplish this assignment you will need to complete the following research:

Watch Performance Review Fundamentals (2hs.20m)

Watch Leading Productive One-on-One Meetings (25m)

Complete the Employee Evaluation Assignment. (See Example in Important Documents)

Purpose: The purpose is to examine the different aspects of evaluating employees.

Each company is different and has different needs. What does your company need out of your employees? You will create an employee evaluation for a member of your company. The employee evaluation is a key measure of performance.

You must include these elements:

– A description and layout for inputting the employee name, date of evaluation, and name of reviewer;
– 5-8 Core competencies with a description for each in a chart form with area to score the employee;
– An employee strengths section;
– An opportunities for improvement area
– An employee comments area; and
– Signature lines for employee and manager.

Upload your task in one Word file.