TASK – You have been given a business plan – Vocational Hotel, attached as Appendix A. You are…


You have been given a business plan – Vocational Hotel, attached as Appendix A. You are required to re-write the business plan as the current business plan does not work for the company. You are among the senior and management member having your role and responsibility to determine the effective functioning and success of the organisation. Directors are planning to rebrand the company with a complete new mission and vision. The Directors have asked you to identify, review and evaluate their existing business plan and modify it so that new venture can have smooth and profitable business operations. You are also required to oversee the work of other departments. You are required to perform the following tasks as required by the directors:

Review and evaluate strategic plan

Review and evaluate business plan

Review and evaluate operational plan

Analyse existing mission, vision, values and objectives

Identify stakeholders

Identify product or service strategy, pricing strategy and target market.

Develop KPIs and benchmarks and modify them accordingly if required

Identify financial and human resource requirements for business

What laws and legislation requirements are to be followed as per standards?

You are now required to communicate new business plan to all stakeholders. You can assume your assessor as stakeholder. You can communicate him verbally. However, the observation sheet attached must be filled for each student. You also need to ensure that all business reports (financial and non-financial) are in user-friendly format.

Report to directors on any system or product or service failure, and any variance to business plan student has noticed.

Appendix – https://www.dropbox.com/s/9fahmpmkc0owvs8/APPENDIX.rar?dl=0

Total 1300 words and Harvard referencing.