The Case: Animal After Hour Services (AAHS) Case Study Questions 1. In order to help AAHS…

The Case: Animal After Hour Services (AAHS)

Case Study Questions

1.         In order to help AAHS management, define what information systems are and briefly explain how information systems are important to future operations at AAHS. While answering this question, explore the different kinds of information systems that could be beneficial to any small business.

2.         Identify and list the specific business and system problems faced by AAHS and list these problems in order of priority.

3.         What are the key information requirements of AAHS? For each information requirement you have identified, discuss how this information would enhance or improve AAHS competitive position.

4.         Which specific information system(s) can help AAHS in managing their business problems, making business decisions and fulfilling the information requirements identified in the previous question? Be specific in how they will help in these areas.

5.         Explain how AAHS could strategically utilise the Internet, intranet and extranet to engage with key stakeholders and fulfil communication and collaboration requirements.

6.         “Change management” is an important concept to business organisations. How could AAHS best manage the organisational changes that would occur with the implementation of the information systems changes you are proposing?

7.         For various stakeholders at AAHS, including its customers and employees, what are some of the possible security and ethical issues that may arise with the introduction of their information system? What could be done to resolve such issues?

You will write a non-technical report in which you provide answers to the Case Study Questions in detail. You will use the references chosen previously, adjusted appropriately according to assessment feedback if applicable. You must submit your report in the prescribed format.

The detailed assignment requirements (presentation, formatting etc) follow directly on from the Case, and the Case Study Questions.

Correct Referencing
For both assignments, use HARVARD referencing style for in-text referencing and for the References List. Check the course web site for links to help with referencing and the Harvard referencing guide.

Assignment Requirements and Report structure details FOR ASSIGNMENT 2:

As the consultant, your brief is to advise your clients on the possibilities that would best suit their requirements. You do this by writing a non-technical report that addresses the questions raised in the Case Study Questions and making full use of the references you identified in assignment 1 plus 10 more scholarly references, making a minimum total of 14 references.

The 10 additional references required in assignment 2 must be scholarly references only, and must be selected to support your discussion.

Use appropriate headings in your report, but do not present your discussion in question/answer format.

The report must include the following sections in the order shown:
– Title Page — must include: assignment title, a suitable report title, your name and student number, course code and name, term and year, name of your tutor, due date, and the date submitted. Place title page on its own page. Place this on its own page.
– Executive Summary (state the purpose of the report, summarise your major findings, conclusions, and explicitly state your specific recommendations.) Place this on its own page.
– Introduction (identify the purpose of the report and what will happen in the report, no need to have further sub-headings within ‘Introduction' heading).
– Discussion (This is where you will address the Case Questions, using your own words in a discussion style, but supported by your references. Use suitable headings and sub-headings.
– Summary and Recommendations (brief wrap-up of your major points, and then based on your discussion and analyses, state explicitly what your recommendations are).
– References (a complete reference list at the end of the report using Harvard referencing style – refer to the Harvard reference guide available from course website). Place this on its own page.