The country I selected is South Africa and the company is Bechtel Corporation Part 1 Answer the…

The country I selected is South Africa and the company is Bechtel Corporation 

Part 1

Answer the following questions in a scholarly post of 600 words or more

Define global integration as used in the context of strategic international management. In what way might globalization be a problem for a successful national organization that is intent on going international? In your answer, provide an example of the problem.

Part 2 

Read the Harvard Business Review article: “Have you restructured for global success?:

MNCs pursue a range of entry strategies in their international operations. These include wholly-owned subsidiaries, mergers and acquisitions, alliances and joint ventures, licensing and franchising, and exporting. Considering your organization and the country in which you desire entry, which strategy or strategies would make the most sense for your organization? How might this desired structure help you enter into this new market? In your written analysis, be sure to explain the structure you believe will be the most beneficial to your organization’s entry into the desired international market and why.

Write a minimum 3-page paper using your findings from above.

Part 3 

There y a diverse set of strategies to mitigate those risks and improve their relations with governments. Political risk is the likelihood that foreign investment of business will be constrained by a host government’s policies.

1. Identify and describe the types of political risks your organization might face in the country you wish to enter?

2. What risk management strategies might your organization employ in the country in which you plan to expand?

Write a minimum 2-page paper using your findings from above.

Remember: All writing must be supported by academic literature and must l be in APA format during this course. You must cite every sentence in which you use materials from academic literature. Your work will be checked for academic integrity by the Turnitin system.