For this discussion topic, I would like you to address the following questions in a paragraph (6 to 8 sentences or more): 1). What specific roles & functions does architecture fulfill in our everyday lives? 2). What is it specifically about architecture that makes it so important in our lives? 3). What is it specifically about architecture that makes it fit into the category of “art?” 4). Is the role of architecture today any different than it was during Ancient times of the Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans and other cultures of the past?

Please respond in six to eight sentences, being mindful of spelling, grammar and complete sentence structure.

Examples from other replies:

1- Architecture in the least of its elements is a necessity of society. Values, lifestyles, style and taste are reflected by our architecture- the very way cities are developed, designed and used reflect the way we live. From ranch homes in the west sprawling out like the land itself to the carefully balanced skyscrapers of large cities, architecture is integral to our habitats. It’s little wonder why architecture is an art that blends science and design for people to work, live, eat, recreate, attend culture events or any other social activity. Architects played active roles in developing and influencing societies for thousands of years. The role of the architect appears important and fixed, yet technology, materials and styles will continue to evolve.

Cities, buildings, structures and dwellings are used for long periods of time. Some of the European structures are 100s of years old. In designing new projects it is the architects role to be a prophet of sorts. They must be able to look into the future and imagine how their projects will be used or could be used 10, 20, 50 or more years.

Many architects understand that their creations are much more than utilitarian buildings and strive to create designs that inspire and provoke awe to the user and community. General examples of such work include cathedrals, temples, churches, and synagogues where the building is intended to add to the worshipful experience of the parishioner. In some cases the goal of the architect is to obscure the building into the surrounds or blend it so well that the art is in absence of intrusion.

2- Architecture

In our daily lives, we use architecture. Without it there would be no homes, no stores, no movie theaters or even churches. Architecture is more than just a roof over our heads. While the roof protects us from the weather. The walls are what support the weight of the roof. In any structural system, there must be weight and tensile strength to support the roof or the levels of floors.

5,000 years ago, the Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, and other cultures used ceramic products like clay or mud, stone, and even bone to build their buildings. Today we use tensile and cement and marble and stone to make our buildings sturdier. In ancient times, I feel like architecture was a form of art since they had to use their creativity to survive. Today I feel like architecture is not really an art. It is more of a science and technology; it does not really have any emotions behind it nor creativity; it is not original. Function seems more important than artistic qualities in today’s architecture.