The Standards for Networking, computer science homework help

Please read the instructions for assignments carefully and take the time to review your work.

And perhaps most importantly, show all of your work and/or fully explain your answers.Remember, all work should be original and in your own words and/or your sources should be properly cited.

Complete the following short answer questions:

1. How are the ephemeral port numbers generated and why are they called ephemeral?
2. In HTTP response headers, what is the syntax of most lines (which are header fields)?
3. How would TCP handle the problem if an acknowledgment was lost so that the sender retransmitted the unacknowledged TCP segment, therefore causing the receiving transport process to receive the same segment twice?
4. You need to represent 2,049 different street names. How many bits will this take if you give each street a different binary number?
5. In Figure 2-14 (attached):

a) What will be the value in the destination port number field if a packet arrives for the e-mail application?
b) When the HTTP program sends an HTTP response message to a client PC, in what field of what message will it place the value 80?

There is no need to take the time to retype the questions, as your responses are the most important part; however, please do mark/number which questions you are answering.