This assignment is for Federal Government. find a current news article (online or in print) about a.

This assignment is for Federal Government.
find a current news article (online or in print) about a current political event, issue, election, debate (etc.) that has taken place within the federal level of American governments or politics, in the last 3 months
Whats a summary analysis, you say? The grand daddy of political science, Harold Lasswell, is known for defining Politics. , Ideological values, beliefs, and opinions, aside, when it comes to government and politics, his definition of the word (ironically) is probably the only thing that all mankind can agree on. Lasswell, defines politics, as “who, gets what, where, when, and how”. Apply that definition to the article’s information, or the article’s information to that definition, and write a 10 sentence summary that focuses on critically evaluating what is going on, from your personal perspective. Interject your opinion. You should be making a statement, argument, and your opinion about the subject matter, should be known. However, this needs to be done in a scholarly and academic manner. Focus on explanation, reason and rationalization, to provide a clear opinion statement and discussion of their personal perspective and political position towards the event or issue in their article. In addition, to receive full credit, you MUST include a direct link to the original articles text that they are using to complete this assignment. Current Event Discussion Questions-use these as a guide to introduce your article, to group members, as well as write your critical summary analysis of the political events, covered.

2. Why is this relevant? Is there are certain group, demographic, population, that this is more/less relevant to?
3. Why is what is going on unusual and unexpected.-Refer back to your independent response to the prompt question: What is the purpose and necessity of government
4. What direct or indirect impact can affect the readers?
5. Describe the type of emotions it inflicts, from all angles, political ideologies and beliefs. Compare and contrast these possible emotional effects, and explain in terms of the different types of possible consequences or concerns of the people, places, politics, power that they could inflict emotional responses from. Are these effects realistic concerns? Is governments involvement, or lack of regulation, consistent with your beliefs about what the necessity and purpose of government is?
6. The magnitude of the story is newsworthy. What are the stakes, risks costs and benefits. Basically, so what? Why should we are anybody else care, especially those of us who are not directly impacted?