Thou Shalt Not Bite the Hand That Feeds Thee

Employee theft comes in all forms. The obvious ones are simply “theft by taking,” which includes taking “stuff” home from the workplace (equipment, merchandise, cash, etc.). But are there other kinds of employee theft? For example, if you knew that a couple of your co-workers were doing the following on a regular basis do you think it would constitute employee theft? If so, what would you do about it? Why?

  1. Making private phone calls five or six times a day at 5-10 minutes each?
  2. Arriving consistently late for work and leaving early because of a “blind eye” from a supervisor?
  3. Surfing the web and playing cards, shopping, looking at porn, research a paper for college.
  4. Doing college assignments on company time, such as using the computer for writing and printing out papers
  5. “Calling in sick” about the reason for being absent from work when, of course, you’re not sick

What would change if it were your company?

Post your thoughts and comments to all of the above questions.