Three methos of training, HHS, HRMN 400 Week five discussion help

Discussion  One: 
Select three methods for training (such as online training, on the job
training, computer simulation or others found in the reading material
for this week).

Give a short description of the method, which audiences it best
serves (leaders, managers, administrative staff, production workers,
customer service employees just as some examples). 

Finally, provide the advantages, disadvantages and at least two metrics for evaluating the training. 

Discussion Two: Application

After reading the module for the week, answer the following:

The board of directors of HHS thinks a training program and a process
is required to project what skills and certifications will be needed in
the future at HSS. They have provided a list of questions that they
feel should be answered before developing this training program. These
questions are:

  • How will the organization’s training needs be determined?
  • How will HSS know if the training program is being effective?