Topic 2 DQ1 respond to Robert Clark

When it comes to defining family, traditionally we evaluate family structure as consisting of people that are related through blood-lines. Usually consisting of parental, children , and siblings. Society is redefining the definition of family. Modern family structure is becoming the norm. Families are consisting of more same sex, blended, and multi-ethical. The modern families are consisting of non- biological families living in the same house hold.

Assumption is a term that can become misleading in today’s world. As nurses it is important to understand that families are different. We need to treat each family as individual and each family situation is different. In the past, we could often assume the family roles of the individuals inside the patient’s room. Today, it can be a challenge to determine the dynamics of the family structure. As a nurse, when entering a patient’s room, I find myself to be careful and not to assume the family structure. Introduction and open communication with the patient, allows me to better understand the family’s roles.

The family system theory allows us to view the comprehension of the family members. We can determine that the family as a system as a whole, and the individual member is considered to be a subsystem. A change in the individual creates change in the family system. Traditional families we can better understand the family system. With traditional families we understand the dynamics in better terms. In the past, a good example would be that the father, his role is best described as the family financial provider. The mother can be classified as the care provider more nurturing role. If the father suffers from a serious health issue, the replications on the family could have significant effect on the family members. Modern families can become more complicated in understanding the dynamics of the family structure. A better understanding of the family structure of these modern families is important. If we have a single mother, whose child has some medical issues, this could have a significant financial impact to the family.

It’s becoming more relevant in understanding the changes in the family. We have to be open minded about the different types of family structures.

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