Topic ideas. Please be creative.

I need 3 topics. The idea here is to present a problem and come up with some possible solutions. I have stated some examples at the bottom. Please look at it and give me 3 new problem ideas and some possible solutions to each ideas. (Just like the examples shown below) Three or four bullet points for each ideas are fine. (Like below) This is just a short assignment. I am Not asking for paragraphs. Need this done as soon as possible. Not willing to pay too much.

Example: problem: Increasing rates of textbooks at universities.

Possible Solutions

A. Doing research to find credible websites to purchase from.

B.Possibly finding a more cost efficient way around classes that insist on the use of access codes.

C.Comparing the cost of both to see just how much would be saved at the end of each term.

D.Comparing the prices of recent years to see how much it went up and how it continues to increase.

Example: the problem: Bullying at the workplace. Below are the possible solutions to the problem.

A. Review current policy and procedures with all employees periodically.

B. Implement training in the workplace. All employees and managers upon hiring are required to take training classes on bullying to understand how to prevent and recognize it.

C. The employer has to process complaints fairly. Once the employee has filed a complaint a proper investigation has to be performed and paperwork needs to be filled out.

D. Provide easy communication in the workplace for the employee to be able to speak up. For example, maybe a work hotline.

E. Encourage everyone to speak up. If you see something, speak up.

Example: the problem: Low enrollment in a college/university.

Several solution possibilities:

A.Begin benchmarking to see what other colleges are doing to increase enrollment

B.put up bulletin boards to advertise the college/ university.

C.advertising the school on television commercials & radio stations

D.reaching and traveling out to high schools to set up detours with the students so they can visit the college.

E.Have a duel enrollment program where high school students can begin taking college courses