Total of 7 questions.

– Total of 7 questions.

– Each question has a minimum of 300 words

– Needs to use proper academic resources at the end of each question, using APA standards for each answer source.

– A minimum of two outside sources are required per question

1. What role does the HR function play with the strategic planning process? What unique value and perspectives does the HR function bring to strategic planning? (Minimum of 300 words)

2. What are the major objectives of strategic workforce planning? Why is each of these objectives critical for an organization’s success? What benefits are provided by each that can result in a competitive advantage? (Minimum of 300 words)

3. What are the pros and cons of mediation for an employer? What factors might influence whether an employer agrees to the mediation of an employee charge? What can be done to make mediation more attractive to employers? (Minimum of 300 words)

4. Explain the relationship between training and organizational development. How might each contribute to strategic HR management? (Minimum of 300 words)

5. Visit the website – Prepare a brief report on the latest developments in compensation practice. (Minimum of 300 words)

6. Visit the Web site: What unique characteristics and needs do older workers have? What special contributions can older workers make to an organization? How might organizations best strategically employ older workers? (Minimum of 300 words)

7. What differences need to be taken into account by American managers who oversee employees in France and China? (Minimum of 300 words)