Two discussion board questions about communications management

Please read the articles below then answer the following questions:

The questions are:

1) Describe in detail how you can apply project management techniques to the risk communication project. See the project description to understand what the requirements are for the assignment and then create your project management plan. Share your detailed approach from choosing a risk project campaign to analyze through the creating and submission process.

3) Define a SWOT analysis.

This is the Risk communication project description (Just to clarify the first question):

Analyze a risk communication program that is or has been in public use. For this analysis please create a case study/paper analyzing the relevant principles of developing a risk communication program as they apply to the example or case you have selected. Use the Coppola and Maloney text, Walker and the CERC CDC materials.

So just answer the questions, IGNORE THE PROJECT.

Important notes:

  • -Three paragraphs at least for the whole assignment.
  • -Please use APA format for citation.
  • -Read the articles carefully then answer the questions comprehensively.