Two discussion questions in Emergency Management, writing homework help

1.The Liberty County Hazard/Vulnerability Analysis (HVA) (ESSD includes 24 areas. Choose Flood and Sever Storm areas and comment. ( Read Source #1 unit 3 for HVA) in the attachment.

2. Think about a man-made event such as a bombing or shooter situation. Discuss the eight-step design process of the event you selected and apply it to a functional exercise. Use the steps to build the foundation for a functional exercise. This is the FEMA 8-step process:

1. Assess needs

2. Define Scope

3. Write Statement of Purpose

4. Define Objectives

5. Compose Narrative

6. Write major and detailed events

7. List expected actions

8. Prepare messages

“ (Source 3) in the attachment , Unite 10 for functional exercise , and Unite 4 for Exercise Design Steps.”