Can you please help answer the following questions. 2 pages per question and at least 2 references per question. Please answer thoroughly and correctly. Cite your sources in your work and provide references for the citations in APA format. References no more than 5 years old. Thank you

Question 1

Choose a health disease process( Diabetes type 2) that is common in the adult population. Once you have decided on your topic (Diabetes type 2), research two evidence-based articles. Do not look for less common and seldom-seen diseases; instead, look for the typical problems that you anticipate seeing in your practice as an advanced practice nurse. On the basis of the literature search and adult disease process, also discuss what parts of the complete health history would be essential in understanding a patient’s current health state and work-up completed to date.

Question 2

Differential diagnoses must be considered before choosing a final diagnosis. What criteria must be met before a final diagnosis can be made? Give an example of three differential diagnoses for a patient who complains of a sore throat. Support your differential diagnoses with a brief statement of reason. You do not have to have a final diagnosis for this patient; just work up the differential diagnoses. This is a common complaint for many patients.