Understanding Learning, business and finance homework help

“Understanding Learning”

Part 1:

Analyze two (2) of the four (4) consequences of behavior, and illustrate an
incidence where a combination of those two (2) would occur together.

4 Consequences of Behavior:

Reinforcement rewarding good behavior in the form of bonuses, incentives or some
type of benefits.

Reinforcement is not about punishment it’s withholding punishment. For example
if one employee’s work performance has improved over time and is no longer in
danger of a demotion or firing this is called negative reinforcement.

is consequence an employee receives for bad behavior this
includes demoting, suspending or firing unproductive employees. An employee can
also be placed on probation, lose overtime privileges and be passed over for
raises as punishment.

is process of eliminating bad behavior. Extinction is for the most damaging
behaviors. After an employer has taken all measures to improve work performances
and behavior termination is the final process.

Part 2:

Based on the scenario, evaluate the influence of motivation as it applies to the
learning experience.

“As part of your answer to part two of this discussion, tell me if you as a
trainer can motivate someone to learn.”

Note: This is not a paper it is a brief discussion post!