unit 6 memo


Create a memo of at least 500 words that addresses:

Memo subject is: Key Recommendations for Vitamin D Intake

  • Differences between the recommended intake and the average U.S. intake.
  • Based on the group’s research, you will develop “key recommendations” to “increase/decrease intake” as appropriate regarding the assigned nutrient in the U.S. population to promote health and prevent disease.
  • Make sure to include the nutrient research information in the memo.
  • Remember, you are a representative of your scientific team group.
  • Provide at least two academic sources to support your recommendations.
  • Include at least two academic sources (following APA).
  • Organize the information into a logical sequence.
  • Memo should be at least 500 words and be free of grammar and spelling errors.
  • Use font Times New Roman (or similar), in a 10-12 pt. font.

i have attached the memo that is to be used for this.