Unit 7 HW 3

The following people we have studied in the class have made significant contributions to America in the area of gender or “race” relations:

1.Katharine Hepburn ; 2.Harvey Milk; 3.Kenneth Clark and Mamie Clark.

Write a brief essay about ALL of them, indicating who they are, what area of prejudice they dealt with, how they created change, and whether that change came in their own lifetimes and/or after. Read This! Make sure you have follow the requirement!

Note that Katharine Hepburn played a role of Amanda Bonner, a lawyer, in the movie we saw, “Adam’s Rib” — and that the question refers to her as an actress, not just one movie role. Must include this.

Expect to write about one page double spaced for each, a total of 3 pages and about 750 words.