Provide references for both discussions Readings (covers both discussions)

Use your Public Policy: Preferences and Outcomes text to read the following: Chapter 8, “Policy Evaluation,” pages 146–160.

Unit9Disc1 Effective Policy Evaluation

Consider the various professional roles that human services professionals play. Confidence in the human services professional is predicated on his or her skills and knowledge. Policy evaluation requires a critical background in many fields of learning.

Discuss the skills and knowledge base needed to conduct effective policy evaluation, based on your reading of Chapter 8 in Simon’s Public Policy text. State the most critical skills that can benefit human service professionals implementing a policy. Include references to support your statements. 

Unit9Disc2 Evaluation Methodologies

There is a range of technical tools available to policy evaluators to use in achieving their tasks.

Discuss the types and methods of evaluation presented by Simon in your Public Policy text, and describe the method you find most useful in dealing with human services policy.