Website Analysis

The assignment: Evaluate the quality of the two nutrition-related web sites that I have listed below. (Paper should be 2 pages or more) (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Are these sites reliable sources for sound nutrition. Explain, for each site, your reasons why you think each site is or is not reliable. Be sure to thoroughly explore various areas of these two websites, looking for evidence that the information is accurate, reputable, consistent with mainstream science, and unbiased. Also, be sure to support your statements by providing specific examples from the websites you are evaluating. Demonstrate that you have examined and thought about the information presented at the sites. The information below can serve as a guide in evaluating websites.

Things to look for:

1) Is the information logical and generally accepted by reliable professionals (good), or does it make surprising claims that are counter to generally accepted practice (probably unrelaible)? For example, be skeptical about information titled something like, “The medical cure doctors don’t want you to know about.”
2) Does the site originate from a reliable source (a college or university, a hospital, a government organization, e.g.)? [Good sign]
3) Does the site cite valid, reproducible, and broadly accepted scientific research [good] or does it use poorly designed research, opinions, or anecdotes [not good]?
4) Does the site make promises about significant changes in your health if you use/don’t use a particular product.[Not good]?
5) Is the site just giving you information [may be good] or is it also trying to sell you a product, plan, or book? [May not be good]
6) Is this someone’s personal project? [Variable, their qualifications and expertise are important.]
7) Does the URL end in .edu or .gov [good], .org [usually good] or in .com [variable] Keep in mind that a “.com” can be good and a “.org” can be unreliable. It’s only one feature on the list of things to look at.