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Differences in Training and Development
posted by Greg Brainard, MBA, MM/HRM


I would like to ask the class what you think the differences between employee development and training are, if any? I heard a good analogy once that compared the two, which said, “training teaches you how to fish but employee development teaches you have to be a pro fisherman!” Employee development is one of the most vital elements for any organization who wants to grow and be a success in the marketplace. In my experience as a consultant with other small and medium size organizations in the past, I saw many businesses that did not have an employee development program in place then wondered why they needed someone to come in and tell them why their business was failing and screaming for help. Constant employee development and training is one of the keys to successful growth when employees can learn how to do their jobs better and learn new skills for changes in the business environment. Would you agree? Can you tell the class what the difference between an established employee development program and new-hire training? What do you think the focus is for each one? Are they the same or are they different?