Week 5 DQ 2 -Respone to fellow classmate joey, humanistic movemen, psychology homework help

The humanistic movement in psychology addresses all aspects of the human experience and what it means to be a person. Today we can see society addressing the human need for equality and justice. According to Duff, Rubenstein, and Prilleltensky (2016), the two core values of humanistic psychology are human wellness and fairness. Themes that affect these humanistic values of the human experience include the “interpersonal, community, occupational, psychological, physical, and economic” aspects of psychology (Duff et al., 2016, p. 128). Similarly, Seligman and Csikszentmihalyi (2014) posit contributing personal traits to positive psychology including “subjective well-being, optimism, happiness, and self-determination” (p. 9). I see that both perspectives place value on individual human experience and self-determination. Unlike previous approaches that primarily address mental illness; humanistic and positive psychology both address the enhancement of human self-directed potential (Duff et al., 2016: Seligman & Csikszentmihalyi, 2014).

Although both humanistic psychology and positive psychology have similarities, there are differences in perspectives on how human well-being is derived. One area of difference is the role of religion and faith. In contrast to this approach, Seligman and Csikszentmihalyi (2014) implies the lack of science behind humanistic psychology and discussed that, “positive psychology does not rely on wishful thinking, faith, self-deception, fads, or hand waving” (p. 7). Unlike Seligman and Csikszentmihalyi’s (2014) perspective on the role of faith and religion, Taylor (2001) discussed the value of religiosity. Taylor (2001) discussed positive psychology’s need for a better understanding of epistemology and the influential audiences that humanistic psychology attracts. By recognizing the role or cultural factors of religion and faith in society (Duff et al., 2016) humanistic psychology appears to be more aligned with Christian worldview.

Please respond to the above question using 250 words. Please also use at least 1 reference that is from a peer reviewed article or journal not a website reference. Please also cite the reference in APA 6th edition format.