Week 7 – Culture Project evaluations, management homework help

Group Process Questionnaire

Complete both pages of the attached questionnaire and submit it.

Your thoughtful evaluation of the group experience is important.

Week 7 – Culture Project evaluations

Your individual discussion assignment this week is to comment on another group’s posted Culture Project by Thursday midnight. Peer responses are not required.

One person from each group should attach a copy of your presentation as a reply to this topic no later than Tuesday at midnight. You may have to compress your file to post it here (see compression instructions in the Group Culture Project – Final version assignment link).

Your response needs to include a discussion about these elements:

  • Did the project content thoroughly describe at least two of the dimensions we studied in this course? Thesedimensions were? In what ways are these dimensions important in this culture?
  • Did the project clearly and thoroughly describe values, norms, and traditions, including the reasons for these? What were two of the most impactful of these that were presented in the paper?
  • Did the project help me to think critically about the culture? What two critical points did this group discuss and why are they critical to understanding this culture? How does the group address these critical points, using diverse perspectives drawn from information other than the text?
  • Because of this project, what information made the greatest impression on you and why? How you can use this information in the future?
  • What new information about this culture was a surprise to you? Why is this information important when conducting business in this culture?
  • How did the country’s culture affect the way they relate to the global issue discussed in this project?
  • Overall assessment of the project on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest. Your rationale for this overall assessment?