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Unit 4 – Individual Project

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Assignment Overview

Type: Individual Project

Unit: Management and Regulation in Health Care

Due Date: Sun,6/2/19

Grading Type: Numeric

Points Possible: 100

Points Earned:

Deliverable Length: 850 words

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Assignment Description

The weekly tasks will build upon one another leading to a draft article in preparation for submission to a professional journal. All tasks must incorporate key assignment competencies and outcomes. Individual projects, including the Key Assignment, give you an opportunity to produce a real-world deliverable.

There are a plethora of health care economic and financial policies in effect at both the state and federal levels. Each policy has implications that are relative to consumers, providers, and insurers. The purpose of the Key Assignment is to expand on a policy that has yielded negative implications (for the consumer, provider, or insurer) and provide recommendations to alleviate or eliminate such negative implications. The outcome of the Key Assignment will be a draft article for possible journal consideration.

The comprehensive tasks of the Key Assignment require the development of a draft article pertinent to the elected policy. Throughout the course, you will formulate a detailed background of your selected topic, describe the positive and negative implications from your selected topic relative to the consumer, provider, and the insurer, make recommendations for future guidelines to reduce negative implications, and you will write a conclusion that summarizes the aforementioned requirements.

Click here for a list of preapproved research topics. Alternative policies are encouraged and require instructor approval.

Topic= please add sub heading

Health care services are finite and scarce. The Quality Adjusted Lift Years (QALY) model emphasizes providing coverage to individuals aged 15–40 because this age group is the most able to contribute to society. This shifts the medical cost from the provider to the consumer.

Write a paper of 800 words that includes the following: Recommendations to reduce future negative implications Solutions to eliminate unnecessary policies Opportunities to develop future policies