what is freedom 3


For this assignment, you will be writing a literary research paper that allows you to:

  1. develop your owndefinition of freedom(this definition can be reflected throughone or more of the texts, and it does not need to be the final philosophical word on“freedom”) and,
  2. apply that definition to two of the texts studied this semester, one of which will bea title from the required texts below. The work you analyzed in your previous paper is excluded from this assignment.

This will be a comparison paperusing your definition of freedomand a common theme between the two texts.


  • ● You will support your thesis with 4 peer-reviewed scholarly articles.
  • ● You are encouraged to utilize the Writing Center or tutoring center in the drafting stages.
  • ● We will be reviewing your Paper Proposalbased on this prompt during our one-on-onetutorials in which you will review the use of literary sources, thesis and draft development, and the elements of literary argumentation.
  • ● Choose one of the following titles:Required Text Options (pair up with any other required text this semester):
    • ● Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass,
    • ● “The Grand Inquisitor,” or● Homegoing(Note: Again, you may not write about the same text that you wrote about in your first major paper.)


Paper Proposal Due: Final Paper Due: Points:

6-8 pages
On day of Tutorial, but not later than April 8 by 11:59pm April 22 by 11:59pm on Bb