What is Problem of Evil?

1. Imagine that you want to explain to someone The Problem of Evil.Write out what you would say, being sure to include somewhat detailed descriptions of at least three distinct cases of evil/suffering/bad things, including a description of at least one case of natural evil.The goal here is to explain the nature of the problem.At this point, do not start explaining what you see as possible responses to the problem.

2. Using the text of what you wrote for 1 (above), explain The Problem of Evil to someone who is not taking PHIL 203 this semester.You should read to them exactly what you wrote for 1 and add further details and explanation as needed; at this point do not share with them any possible responses you may have to the problem.Then ask them for, and record in writing, their thoughts about what you have said.Also, after explaining to them The Problem of Evil, ask and record in writing their answers to the following two questions:

a.To what extent do you think the amount of suffering, evil, and bad things in the world suggests, or is at least some evidence, that God does not exist?

b.Why do you think as you do?