Perishables, such as flowers for certain holidays is a perfect example for made to stock. When these items are no longer in demand, they will be sold at a drastic discount. The demand–supply mismatches is often confused with make-to-stock, some business often delay the production of certain items and goods that will be offered as a compliments to assemble-to-order made goods. Dell computers is greatly known for this form of manufacturing.

Make-to-Stock vs. Make-to-Order

When it is around some holidays, manufactures often increase production to meet the demand for that holiday that is in the near futures. Stores will purchase the goods in advance and usually hold them in a stored location.

Make to Order at McDonald’s – What do we see?

Make To Order (MTO) is best illustrated in my area by fast food restaurants such as McDonald s etc. When a customers make an order the items are assembled afterwards in most cases. This maybe considered just in time manufacturing. This is a major selling point for this industry throughout the world!

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