wiki or powerpoint

I have attached my teachers feedback along with an example of a power point she has given. She is requesting a WIKI or power point, I have no idea how to create a Wiki. Here is this weeks assignment:

Stage Two: The Presentation, due no later than 5/6

Collectively, with the work divided any way you see fit (as long as each member contributes something), you will post a group Wiki presentation with media components. This should reflect a mixture of your own insights, commentaries, and outside resources, and can include music, movie clips, artwork, songs, and more. Be creative! Once you play around with the Wiki pages, I think you will find them to be intuitive, but there are tutorials about how to create them within our site and elsewhere online (if you search “creating a Wiki project/Blackboard” or similar). As always, post or e-mail any questions as they come up.