write a 2000 words essay

The critical essay is intended to provide you with the opportunity to examine a key development, change or issue associated with digital media as it applies to the field of PR and professional communication. should researchthe topicit froma critical perspective.This means you will need to provide an analysis that goes beyond simply ‘what’ is happening in the digital media space and examine how your topic impacts on society, audiences, consumers and professional practice. The topics are intended to consolidate some of the themes covered in the course and provide you with the opportunity to hone your knowledge and understanding of changing media platforms and practices, within ethical, regulatory and legal contexts.

You will need to draw on a wide range of academic sources to support your argument and write a clear, compelling essay, referenced in APA style. You may supplement the academic literature with documentary support from appropriate media (e.g. newspapers) and relevant policy/legal/professional documents, as appropriate. Many articles, selected chapters and other documents are included in your class readings on BB and it is suggested you draw from these (and your text) and supplement them as required. When researching, you need to read the original documents/articles you cite– that is, do not include references just because they are listed in the work of others. (Cutting and pasting references in this manner results in poorly examined and limited understanding of the topic which is clear to the examiner and often shows up on Turnitin). You also need to provide clear illustrations/examples in your essay to show your understanding of the topic.

2000 words


‘Two elements are central to the changed media context: the ease of access to digital media; and the merging of private and public lives.’ Consider this statement from a critical theory perspective, also drawing on ethical and legal considerations and other relevant theories. In your essay, consider the impact of this statement on contemporary professional communication practice, providing examples and illustrations.