Write a short critical thinking essay APA

Original work only please! Write on the use of force, use up to date info and scholarly references

Write a short essay that responds to the following

You will be using a survey for your thesis data-gathering. Post a possible example of your survey so others can comment. If you are interviewing experts, post the professions of those you will seek out. If you are using secondary data, discuss where you will obtain this information and how they will be utilized to test your hypothesis, etc. If you are not using a survey, provide a strong rationale / position as to why you are not and how you will substitute data to test your hypothesis. You will need instructor permission to complete a thesis without gathering survey data.

Please take this assignment very seriously. Provide information that could be used as a basis for your research proposal and your senior seminar thesis. This assignment is worth two percent of your final grade. When in doubt, provide a survey. Most students do not know how they will actually test data from studies that have already been completed. Use information from completed academic studies to provide you with a strong background of how you will test your hypothesis and complete your research proposal.