Write a thesis statement

Choose a specific topic based on those listed in the Fashion Topic Menu that you would like to research. Then come up with research questions and a complex thesis statement.

Research questions based on topics that interest you.

A clear, complex thesis statement that includes a specific, debatable claim, and three subtopics which work to support that claim. This thesis statement should be based on a small, specific idea which you will elaborate on in your paper.

Fahion Topic Menu:

Independent Topics:


(Morality, Independence, Confidence, Consciousness, Shame, Demeanor)

Cultural Traditions

(Appropriation/ Linage/ Community)

Formal Issues

(Geometric, Architectural, Organic, Body Anatomy, Fabric)


(Femininity, Masculinity, Non-Gendered)


(Personal Style/ Values/ Group Identity/ Sense of Self)

Physical Body

(Form, Sexuality, Epidermal Self-Awareness, Feminist Issues of Body Ideals,Medicalization of Body, Fetishism)


(Scared/ Religion/ Mythology/ Performance/ Costume)

Social Embodiment

(Social Conduct, Antipathy Toward Fashion, Pop Culture/ Media/ SocialMedia)


(Production Method/ New Technology/ Environment/ Nature/ Urban System/Globalization)


(Managing Bodies/ Garment Use/ System/ Everyday/ Utopia/ Protection/ Armor)