Write a white paper at least 1000 word about gun control issue

Purpose: Your goal in the white paper is to find a solution to the problem you identified in your Conference Poster. Remember, your solution may not
end the problem, but it should remedy the issue in some way.

Task: Your first step in the written portion of this assignment is to choose a real-world organization you think could find a solution to the problem you’ve chosen. You may need to narrow the scope of your problem (by location, population, or sub-problem) to find a relevant organization. As part of your discussion of the problem, include a personal narrative describing who you are and why you care about this issue. Next, you will consider a solution that you think could remedy or eliminate your problem. After that, you will prove why your chosen organization can and should enact your solution (for example, if you wanted to consider a solution to homelessness in L.A., you could encourage a homeless shelter to give out coats that
turn into sleeping bags).

White Paper Rubric

Criteria: Argument – Overall effectiveness in convincing the organization to enact the solution to solve the problem.
Does the white paper focus on the same problem from the poster?
Does the explanation of the problem fully explain its significance?
Does the white paper provide a solution that reasonably addresses the issue?
Does the white paper persuasively prove that the organization can solve the problem using the solution suggested?

Does the white paper make effective rhetorical choices to direct the intended recipient to take action?
Are all materials directed to the appropriate audience?

Writing Skills
Does the packet incorporate business writing techniques?
Is it free of grammatical errors, wordiness, and imprecise language?

Building credibility through effective sourcing:
Are five sources included? Are they credible sources?
Are sources incorporated to support all points?
If so, are they introduced and cited correctly?

Organization and requirements:
Does the white paper follow the length requirements (1,200-1,500 words)?
Does the white paper follow the structural requirements?