Write an essay about the following crime about concealed guns in colleges using the following OUTLINE (attached) and the instructions below:

The following crime the essay is talking about is: concealed guns in colleges:

Use the attached outline for the format of the essay and following these instructions:

Next, apply how a restorative or Indigenous Healing/Peacemaking response to the crime you have chosen would respond to the crime. This Project should include the following components:

Detail and discuss the traditional retributive response to a recent case.

Detail and discuss a restorative responses to similar crimes.

Evaluate the expected outcomes of each type of response.

Assess the future of restorative justice, both in your chosen area of crime and in the justice system as a whole.

Read the following information carefully for more complete details on what you should include in your Project.

First, choose a recent crime and define its subset of criminal justice (police killings of Natives or African Americans)in the United States, including but not limited to juvenile justice, criminal or discipline issues in institutions of higher education, parole, probation or other areas of corrections, gendered violence response, or other crimes. Within your chosen subset, research the traditional retributive response to crime. Present the typical process and consequences that an offender may experience through the mainstream criminal justice system. Also detail the role the victim and community play in these proceedings. You may use your pre-existing knowledge of or experience with the criminal justice system to inform your account, but you must also research and locate an actual case study or published account and draw from that for your project topic of a recent crime.

Second, research the ways communities are responding in the case you chose or similar cases occurring in the area you have chosen. Find at least one specific case of restorative responses in the literature to a similar crime, if one exists, and describe the methods used to address harm. Provide a detailed account of each of these responses. Detail the role and importance of the offender, victim, and community in the process. If you cannot find a similar case than describe your vision of how an RJ process such as peacemaking, conferencing, etc., could be applied.

After presenting the retributive justice response to a crime and fully exploring a restorative justice response, draw your own conclusions regarding the end results of each. Consider some of the following points in your evaluation:

Zehr’s AND Gavrielides current position that Western justice systems and restorative processes are not in competition but can work in concert with each other

The importance of the protection of civil rights in Western justice systems and how those protections fit into a restorative process

The importance of community safety and the ability of restorative processes to attend to the safety of victims and communities

Issues involving disparity of response affecting communities of color

The wide array of outcomes that are possible when communities exert ultimate control over response to wrong-doing without any standardization that currently exists in our court system

Finally, discuss how restorative justice might grow or change in the future in the area you are researching. How do you see that particular area changing in the future in how criminal behavior is addressed? Given what you have learned through your research, what role do you think restorative justice should or will play in the criminal justice system? In closing, present your ideas about the way restorative justice will impact the justice system in the country in which you are focusing as a whole.