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After you have chosen a word approved by your instructor, begin your essay with a one paragraph discussion of the commonly accepted definition of the word (denotations). You should provide at least three definitions of your word from at least three different sources. Be sure to cite your sources in your paper.

In paragraph two, you should address theconnotationswhich are the emotions and values that people commonly associate with your word. This will require you to ask at least three people what the word means to them.

The third paragraph is yourthesis paragraph. Here, you should provide a one sentence thesis statement that expresses an attitude or opinion about what the word means to you personally. This should be followed by a full explanation (at least one paragraph) of what you mean when you say the word. For example, if you are writing about the word, 'mother ' you may choose to explain what you think the characteristics of good mother should be above or beyond the simple dictionary definition.
In the next section of your paper you should write a paragraph or two using one of the following methods of development to support your personal definition:

·a brief anecdote describing an incident that helped shape your definition of the word

·an few short examples (or a single extended example) of what the word means to you.

·a comparison/contrast of what your word is or is not using specific examples

·a description of a person who embodies your idea of what this word means

Be sure to conclude your paper with a personal reflection and some type of restatement of your thesis.