writing a resume and cover letter 2

write a resume and cover letter applying for the position.

The Scenario

You are about to graduate from college and have found a job opening that is in your chosen field. You don’t have any experience in this field but the courses you have taken in pursuit of your degree have given you a solid academic foundation for this position.

The Opportunity

The job opening is for an associate market analyst with Living Social, the rapidly growing advertising and social commerce service that describes itself as “the online source for discovering valuable local experiences.” (A market analyst researches markets to find potentially profitable business opportunities.

The Challenge

You don’t have any directly relevant experience as a market analyst and you might be competing against people who do. Your education is your strongest selling point so you need to show how your coursework relates to the position. Do not be discouraged, the posting makes it clear this is an entry-level position. The posting says for example “Become an expert in market data….”

Key Words and Key Phrases

You study the job posting and highlight the following elements:

1. Working in a team environment

2. Research, including identifying trendy, new businesses.

3. Analyzing data using Microsoft Excel

4. Managing projects

5. Collaborating with technical experts and sales staff

6. Creating new tools to help maximize revenue and minimize risks

7. Associate’s degree is required

8. Natural curiosity and desire to learn

9. Detail oriented

10. Hands-on experience with social media.