Writing about Silk Road and Manichaeism

Silk Road & Manichaeism

The process of translating religious texts necessarily influences the interpretation of these texts. The Sogdian merchants were the primary translators/transmitters of Buddhist, Manichaen, Nestorian & Zoroastrian texts to East Asia. Foltz describes the Sogdians as “cultural bees, cross-pollinating ideas and traditions from one civilization to another”.

Consider what you have read in Foltz this week. Then, read the following Manichaen text: attached file

Write an original response to the material. In your response, discuss at least three specific examples of how translation affects interpretation. Use at least three short quotes (at least one each from Foltz & the primary text) and at least two of our central course terms (selfhood, apotheosis, soteriology, eschatology, cosmic dualism). Please offer your own thoughts/insights and interpretations throughout the post.