Writing “Defend or Refute the Following Statement” essay

Defend or Refute one of the following statements:

1. Sacred texts (like the Bible, the Vedas, etc.) are completely useless as sources of historical documentation. – Use agree on the side.

2. Any population of humans that began farming was destined to create a successful empire. (Hint: This essay should also discuss how such a population would progress from basic agriculture to empire). – Depend on you.

3. The sciences of genetics, linguistics, geology, and biology provide a complete and incontrovertible picture of humanity’s pre-literate past. (Hint: This essay should specify what information, or at least what type of information, each of these sciences does illuminate, as well as with what types of information they are less helpful). – Depend on you.

Please READ the pdf file first, and write the essay. It is a min two and a half pages assignment. Please use correct grammar and complete sentence for the MLA format.