You will write a 4-5 page essay on the ideology and civil liberties

You will write a 4-5 page essay on the ideology and civil liberties chapters/sections in the textbook, making sure to answer the following sections:

1. Do you consider yourself to be a Liberal, Conservative, Libertarian, Socialist, or Moderate? In the opening of this essay you will identify the ideology that you feel you most align with, and explain why you feel this is so. It’s important to take advantage of some of those online quizzes as they can not only help you get a better grip of where you personally stand ideologically, but they can use be used as sources to back up why you identify with your ideology.

2. Pick one of the 10 Bill of Rights in the U.S. Constitution and explain your view on how/why that right should be protected/limited based on your ideological views. Do you think the government should limit that right? And if so, when and why? If you think the government should never limit that right, then again, when and why? You can certainly use the textbook or the internet for sources.

3. Pick one controversial SOCIAL issue, and discuss your views on the government’s role in dealing with that issue. It’s important the avoid issues that would be considered more economical or that deal with international problems. (Also make sure the issue you pick here does not overlap with the amendment you picked in section 2). Feel free to use opinion pieces online as there’s a ton of material out there showing how people feel about these issues.

4. In your view, is ideology a good thing and important for understanding politics, or do you feel ideology is a problem that hurts people’s views of politics? Has understanding ideology changed anything about how you view politics and current events? Feel free to use any recent events as examples and sources.

Remember the essay must be 4-5 pages, meaning at least 4 pages of content apart from the Works Cited page. You can use as many sources as you want including from the internet, but you must have at least 4. You should only be writing this in size 12, Times New Roman, and make it double spaced. You can certainly have a title page or abstract, but I explain in class these are not required and do not figure into your score. You must cite all sources in APA style, so feel free to use that Purdue Owl website that I share in class as an example.