2 page apa paper

  1. Part A
  2. a) Watch the short video clip on “Crack Babies” and address these questions:

* Why do you think researchers got it wrong in their reports from the 1980s?

* What do you think were some of the consequences for women who gave birth to these children?

* Before you saw this video, what had you heard about “crack babies”?

2. Part B

a) Read the two articles that were printed in the New York Times (on Canvas). One article addressed crack cocaine. The other article was printed several years later and addressed opioid addiction. Please address these questions.

* How does the tone (words used, descriptions, etc.) differ in the two articles? Give some examples from each article.

* In your opinion, why are the descriptions of two types of drug use so different? Is it because we as a society are less stigmatizing today? Or are there other reasons?