Did Life Get Better OR Worse for Immigrants and Minorities in America During the Postwar Years?

This is an argumentative essay that needs to be exactly 2 full pages in length, no more than that. It must be 12 point font and Times New Roman font with 1″ margins. The title of the paper should be the reading question I am replying to (aka the question). the heading should be single spaced and placed in the header section of the paper. the introduction needs to be a small paragraph, like 3-5 sentences. you can refer to the online copy of the book “not like us” for quotes and examples. I realize this is a lot and a huge paper, but I appreciate the help like no other, and will pay really well. The conclusion needs to be no longer than the intro. I need a works cited page as well with the “not like us” book information in Chicago manual style for the works cited.

AGAIN, I appreciate this hard work more than ever and I will be very generous. This paper is something I forgot about and I am panicking. Thank you!