Sometimes is it easy to forget about the importance of revision, especially when you’re writing to the deadline? For our discussion this week, we read Rachel Toor’s essay, “Not My Type.” Toor doesn’t really get into the idea of allowing for time and space between drafts, but she does discuss how much better her work is when she can approach it as an outsider (Toor, 2012). Take a look at the Narrative essay you submitted in week four. Read through it and find a few things you could have done better. In at least 150 words, discuss those changes. While you can mention it, try to look deeper than any formatting or grammar issues you may have had. Look at the way you organized your essay, how you tied everything together, even at your word choice. Could you have benefitted from writing your essay in multiple drafts? Revision Plan Now that you’ve had the chance to reexamine your Narrative essay, take a deeper look at your Persuasive rough draft in the same way. Think about how you could have made your argument stronger, more relatable to your audience, and so on. Read through the comments from your instructor and think about how you will address those issues, but try to go even deeper. Write down your plans for revising your Persuasive essay for next week. What will you change, and how will those changes benefit the reception of your work? You should write a minimum of 150 words about how you plan to revise. *Note that your writing will be relatively informal this week, but do make the attempt to keep it as clean as possible. After all, we are talking about revision this week . . . .

ENGR 112 Spring 2018 In-Class Activities Matlab 8 This is a team exercise,… 1 answer below »

ENGR 112 Spring 2018 In-Class Activities Matlab 8 This is a team exercise,
ENGR 112 Spring 2018 In-Class Activities Matlab 8 This is a team exercise,

hello! i have assignment for today, and i need quick help. I hope, that u can help me. 1. Zara… 1 answer below »

hello! i have assignment for today, and i need quick help. I hope, that u can help me.

1. Zara placed an advertisement in the local newspaper: “Four ‘Burmese’ kittensfor sale. £300 each, lovely pets.” Xavier went to see the kittens and askedZara to reserve the smallest one for him and said that he would return in threeweeks to collect the kitten. Later that day, Zara told her husband that Xavierwas to have the smallest kitten in the litter. Xavier never returned.Vic telephoned Zara about the kittens. After enquiring about the breed, hesaid, ‘I’ll think about it’. The next day, Vic wrote Zara, ‘I’ve decided that I’llhave the oldest one from the litter.’ Before the letter was delivered, Vic sentan email to Zara stating that he was not interested after all. Because of aproblem with Zara’s server, she did not receive the email until after the letterhad arrived.Yvonne sent an email to Zara stating ‘£300 is very expensive for a youngBurmese. Will you accept £200?’ When Zara replied by email that she wouldnot, Yvonne posted a letter which read ‘I accept your offer to sell a Burmesekitten at £300.’Walter paid Zara £300 and took one of the kittens. Two weeks later he complained to Zara that the kitten was in the habit of chewing the furniture. Zara said ’Never mind, he will grow out of it.’ When Walter took the kitten to the vet to see if the habit could be broken, the vet informed him that the kitten was not a purebred Burmese but a much less valuable cross-breed. Walter demands the return of his money from Zara and compensation for the damage to his furniture.
Advise Zara. What Zara would need to know is whether or not there has been a valid contract made with anyone else whom she made the sale of her 'Burmese' kittens to. If there is an agreement, it will only be seen generally if there is clear, unequivocal by Text-Enhance">offermirrored with a clear, unequivocal acceptance?

2.Amy lives alone, but has always been very fond of her cousin, Beryl, who lives in the same village with her family (Charlie, her husband, and David, her son). When Beryl tells her that Charlie has lost his job and that they are suffering from financial difficulties, Amy offers to help. She offers to give David, who is in his final year at university, £1,000, provided that he works hard and obtains a second class degree. Amy also agrees to pay Beryl £300 for all the errands she has run for her in the past. Beryl is pleased as she had, selfishly, expected some payment for all this effort. Amy also agrees that, although Charlie owes her £2,000, she will accept £1500 instead. Charlie pays Amy £1500. David, who is exceptionally intelligent, does little work, but manages to obtain a first class degree. As a result, he obtains a lucrative graduate training post in a merchant by Text-Enhance">bank. Advise Amy, who has now quarrelled with Beryl and wishes to know to what extent she is bound by her promises. Would it make a difference if Beryl paid Amy the £500?

Business Terms and concepts 2

Which type of research design— exploratory, descriptive, or causal—is appropriate for the following examples? Explain why.

·  The goal of this research is to discover the real nature of the problem and to suggest new possible solutions or new ideas.

·  A food manufacturer wants to know the demographics of people who purchase organic foods.

·  A firm is considering hiring American celebrity Paris Hilton to endorse its products.

·  British Airways would like to test in-flight Internet services on one of its regular flights from New York to Tokyo. The company charges $30 one week and $15 the next week.

·  This type of study attempts to discover answers to the following questions: who, what, when, where, or how much.

·  A manufacturer investigates whether consumers will buy a new pill that replaces eating a meal.

·  Cosmopolitan magazine sends out a cover in selected markets featuring a female model to half of its readers and a cover with a female and male model to the other half of its readers to test differences in purchase response between the two groups.

·  A hair-care manufacturer interviews wholesalers, retailers, and customers to determine the potential for a new shampoo package.

·  This type of research attempts to capture a population’s characteristics by making inference from a sample’s characteristics and testing hypotheses. 

·  On the CBS television show Undercover Boss, top executives disguised as middle level or lower level employees investigate company departments to discover potential issues or problems.


How does the situation people are in potentially influence their behavior?

Guidance for an Argumentative Essay. How to write an argumentative essay using a…

Guidance for an Argumentative Essay.

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Compare and contrast the historical circumstances that led to the development of ATHENS, SPARTA, and

Compare and contrast the historical circumstances that led to the development of ATHENS, SPARTA, and MILETUS. What were the main differences among them?


Scholars seeking to understand the roots of international conflict have analyzed crises that led to war in depth. Discuss the benefits and drawbacks of this approach to the subject with reference to particular theories of conflict. The most important cause of bargaining failure in international politics is the inability of actors to communicate their levels of resolve to other actors. As a result, states fight wars, banks refuse to lend to states and companies in crisis, and terrorists attack civilians. Do you agree? Discuss

300-500 word summary

Write a 350- to 500-word summary explaining the differences between revenue expenditures and capital expenditures during a useful life and identifying any similarities. Briefly explain the entries of revenue expenditures and capital expenditures.

Format your summary consistent with APA guidelines