3 Definitions two sentences each

Construct operational definitions for the following phrases from the Beccaria reading:

1) “The Social Contract”:Remember that a contract is ordinarily a voluntary agreement between two or more parties, and that they are agreeing on some deal. Be precise about the “contract,” the parties and the deal. Include whether the “sovereign” is one of the parties or part of the deal.

2) “Interpreting a law”: Remember that Beccaria was opposed to judges interpreting laws. He said that judges should not interpret laws. This is a definition of the kind of interpretation to which Beccaria was opposed.

3) Death Penalty: The death penalty as discussed by Beccaria was somewhat different from the death penalty ritual as it exists today, so a modern dictionary definition will not be accurate.

Each operational definition should be two sentences. The first sentence should be a statement of what the word did mean in the context of this reading. The second sentence should be a statement of some other relevant meaning of the word which was not intended in the context of this reading. It is a meaning which was not intended, or not included, in the context of this reading. For the second sentence, do not give some meaning which would be completely irrelevant in the context of the reading. The purpose of the second sentence is to focus more precisely on the meaning in the reading; it is not to open up a completely different topic.