300-600 word essay

Part 3 – Write a Successful Scholarship Essay

Respond to the prompt below in 300-600 words:

Tell Us Your Story! Please discuss your academic and career goals, as well as any obstacles you have encountered on your path to The Community College of Philadelphia. You may include any additional relevant information that you would like the Committee to know about you.

Remember: Be sure to stress how your story (experiences, achievements, passions) makes you worthy of a scholarship. Don’t forget to proofread your essay carefully, asking your English professor, an advisor, a counselor, a tutor in the Learning Lab (B1-28) or other trusted resource for their assistance.

A LITTLE ABOUT MYSELF: the rest you can make up.

Im am a mother of a 5 year old, with 6 more classes to graduate with my associate in liberal arts. my work schedule and taking care of a parent full time exhausting as well as managing school work as a full timer.

i want to get in human resources management and transfer to a 4 yr college.

Being out of school for over 8 yrs and returning 2 yrs ago was a challenging step for,