staffing organization book needed

respond to the following:

  • Go to BizFiling’s Website and read the article titled “Identifying and Addressing Employee Turnover Issues,” located at Next, examine your current job position or a job position with which you are familiar. Then, choose two (2) significant factors that you believe have contributed to employees leaving the organization. Next, place yourself in the position of the HR manager and suggest two (2) methods organizations could utilize to retain their employees. Support your rationale.
  • Based on the case study Retention: Deciding to Act (Pg. 718 – Pg. 720), determine whether the major complaints presented in the case study are the true reason for Wally’s Wonder Wash’s high turnover rate. Then, suggest two (2) reasonable retention strategies that Wally’s Wonder Wash could implement. Justify your rationale. Note: Remember, turnover is not always about salary. Therefore, please present strategies (non-monetary) that would not involve pay increases.